To become a medical resident, you work hard in college, finished the MCATs, slogged through medical school and FINALLY got matched into the next step in your journey: your residency or fellowship program which will act as the launching pad for your professional career.

And now that you’ve found yourself as a medical resident or fellow, the real craziness can begin! We wanted to celebrate you first-timers and you grizzled vets. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the best stories to get you laughing. Just hope you don’t end up on our next list….

Reddit user /surgresthrowaway shared this story about ‘co-worker miscommunication’ from his residency a few years ago:

Medical resident Redditor /Nysoz shares a little story about creative delegation from one of the team’s interns:

Medical resident Redditor /ENTdo shares a story about working hard, partying hard….and paying the consequences:

This next bit of advice comes from the Student Doctor Network: don’t put your foot in your mouth:

Some people need to learn to control their thoughts a bit better:

And for those moments when everyone is getting just a little bit….punchy:

And, finally, the way we all felt during med school, residency, fellowship and even those early practicing years:

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