100 Physician Loans Funded Through Doc2Doc Lending

Dec 21, 2020

Personal loans for physicians, by physicians

Doc2Doc Lending is proud to announce that it has funded 100 loans for physicians through its innovative, physician-first lending program. In less than one year, the program – designed to fund personal loans for physicians – has helped physicians from 29 states and 33 specialties representing 75 different medical and dental programs.

Due to poor debt-to-income ratios and large existing debt balances, doctors are often categorized as bad bets by large banks. Doc2Doc Lending’s proprietary algorithm takes into account factors that are truly important, providing rates for physician loans that truly make sense. As one of the best physician loan providers in the country, we help borrowers:

  • eliminate high-interest credit card debt,
  • pay for relocation expenses,
  • handle unexpected personal / medical expenses,
  • finance the cost of starting a family, including infertility (IVF / Oocyte transfer) and surrogacy
  • or even fund high-opportunity investments such as real estate.

“We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished in this past year,” said Dr. Kenton Allen, CEO and co-founder of Doc2Doc Lending, “It’s the stories of our borrowers that always remind me why we’re doing this. I’ve been in their shoes and so has every other physician-member of Doc2Doc Lending’s leadership team.”

Physician Loans Recognized by the Community

The work has not gone unnoticed. The team has been recognized by some of the biggest names in the physician personal finance education industry:

Additional partnerships and content are planned for the coming year. “Our partner program has made it possible to really spread the word,” said Dr. Mike Hatch, chief strategy officer of Doc2Doc Lending, “The community has really responded to the offering. People recognize that we are truly fellow doctors trying to create a better system for the next generation of our colleagues.”

To encourage community-driven growth, Doc2Doc Lending has launched a referral program. The program offers a $100 cash bonus to anyone who refers physicians to the program that ultimately receive a loan. Interested parties can email info@doc2doclending.com to register for the program.

Match Day 2021: Helping Fund Newly Matched Med Students

With the growth of the physician loans program over the past year, the team is excited to announce the Match Day 2021 pre-registration program. Current medical students have the option of signing up for our Match Day program where, upon matching, they will be immediately eligible for up to $25,000 to help with the next few years.

“This is a crucial financial time for so many medical students who will begin the transition into residency,” said Dr. Zwade Marshall, co-founder of Doc2Doc Lending, “I remember the difficult financial struggles during residency and I remember what my classmates were going through. It wasn’t just pressure – it was suffocating. It was that feeling that you couldn’t get out of the high-interest debt you were racking up. And that’s why Doc2Doc Lending is here for newly minted residents, with immediate cash, preferred rates and NO pre-payment penalties. That way, when borrowers pay the loan off, they can do so without the fees that big banks charge.”

Doc2Doc Lending is poised to help fund even more physicians in the coming year, from in-practice physicians to new medical residents. Interested in learning more about the program? Please contact us here.