The lending platform exclusively for physicians and dentists.

Our unique approval process uses doctor- and dentist-specific metrics to determine your interest rate – not just your credit score.

No Co-Signer

There is not a need for a co-signer or collateral for our loans. If approved, your medical/dental degree is enough for us.

Unique Metrics

Doc2Doc uses a proprietary algorithm combining a borrower’s credit score with other physician-specific metrics that are not used by traditional financial institutions.


Fixed interest rates, flexible term options, no pre-payment penalties.


Get pre-approval and funds in your account within days

How is Doc2Doc Different?

We believe that debt needs to be taken seriously and avoided when possible. We also realize that debt can be a necessary tool to help you to the next phase of life, both personally and professionally.
Doc2Doc was formed to support you through those times when you, as a doctor, need fast access to capital at rates that do not penalize you for student loan debt the way traditional lenders may.
We do not rely solely on credit scores or debt-to-income ratios to determine an interest rate, but also look at factors specific to physicians and dentists – like specialty, training institution and honor society membership.
We design our loan offerings to be flexible to meet varying financial needs and we do not penalize you for paying off your loan early. With Doc2Doc, you can choose from multiple options of repayment terms and you will not face pre-payment penalties.

At Doc2Doc we understand the financial lifecycle of doctors because we have been there.

“The one on one services was bar none, and the follow up was fast and stress-free. Doc2Doc has changed the paradigm in lending to our unique demographic.”

-Dr K.

“The rate was reasonable and made much more sense than typical/old fashioned loans, and it is refreshing to see that other unique physician variables (i.e. training, learning potential) were factored in as much as simply FICO details.”

-Dr K.

“I did not have to explain why certain things on my credit report look the way they look, which was the most difficult part of any other application. Everything from application to getting loan funded took minimal time and effort.”

-Dr C.

“Experience was super easy and the process was very user friendly.
I felt that the people on the other side understood the challenges and struggles that doctors go through with trying to find a lender.”

-Dr C.

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